sweet summertime

Well, it's here folks...SUMMER!  Yay for beach days and pool time and vacations and all that jazz!  I will be having some extra fun this summer, I am working at a youth camp!  I'm so excited to work at camp again this summer.  I worked at this same camp two summers ago, it's actually where I first met my husband (but totally wasn't interested...funny story)!  I will be at the camp all week and home some weekends.  I've got a busy summer, two weddings and a one year wedding anniversary trip to Cali! I will most certainly blog when I can (oh, those weddings will for sure be documented on here, don't you worry!) about whatever.  I know this blog has turned a little bit more into a personal blog and I'm okay with that...as long as you are!  The posts may be a wee bit more personal than most of my previous posts.  Though, I pinky promise...if I complete a craft I will be sharing it with you!

I hope you have a magnificent summer full of fun and excitement!

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